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About C-ADD Divison

In 2000 Mapei introduced the “Cement Grinding Additives“ line, products dedicated to cement production with the visionary idea of helping the Construction Industry become a carbon-neutral industry starting from its main raw material: cement.

These additives are meant to be used directly during the cement production process, to support the Cement Industry on the roadmap to produce modern cements with zero emissions.

When Mapei first approached this market only traditional Grinding Aids, mainly formulated to solve agglomeration problems within cement mills and, therefore, to reduce electrical energy consumption, were available. Since then, many innovations have been brought onto the market by Mapei laboratories, evolving form the original Grinding Aids to the most advanced MCH C-C chemicals, a real “bridge” between cement and green and durable concrete.

The Mapei contribution to the technical advancement in the cement production sector can be summarised by the following logical steps:

Grinding Aids: chemicals to improve mill output and decrease the electricity consumption.

Quality Improvers: chemicals with the additional function of moderately increasing strength (clinker reduction) and cement workability.

Vertical Roller Mills for cement: innovative dosing point and dosing lance for cement additives.

Cr(VI) Reduction: innovative and patented antimony-based reducing agents.

Strong Clinker and CO2 Reduction: high solid content process additives, together with ACS (air control system) for cement mortars.

MCH C-C: “from cement to concrete” process additives, innovative PCE-based chemicals to support the cement industry on the roadmap to zero emissions, to conciliate sustainability and cement production.

The philosophy driving the Division is, of course, Mapei’s utmost care for the quality of its formulations and for customer satisfaction, becoming the preferred full-service partner to support the cement industry in the challenges it faces in the coming years.

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