MAPEI is committed to giving the highest priority to environmental, social and economical sustainability. The Cement Additives Division designs its products in cooperation with the cement industry, in order to ensure long -term Sustainability and Environmental compatibility.

Global CO2 reduction thanks to MAPEI cement additives


we eliminated 2,728,000 tons of CO2


we eliminated 3,164,480 tons of CO2

2023 we are currently eliminating
tons of CO2

Health and safety are our main PRIORITIES

Safety is MAPEI’s priority. In our view, there is no business without safety for our employees and our customers. MAPEI actively promotes a culture of safety inside and outside the company, with regular training, periodic audits and continuous improvement.

Technical papers Articles and Conference Presentations about C-ADD

1. Cement quality

2. Clinker reduction and CO₂ reduction

3. Cr(VI) reduction technology

4. D-Dust technology

5. Grinding technology and vertical mills

6. Gypsum optimization and setting time