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Our main priority

We firmly believe that health and environmental issues are an integral part of all our business activities: there can be no business without safety! MAPEI complies with the highest standards for safe operations and protection of its employees and customers. The Cement Additives Division collaborates closely with the Cement Industry towards the continuous improvement of safety standards in terms of personal protection and product safety.

Our policy

  • All MAPEI personnel are highly trained and equipped to operate safely in cement plants. Our standard issue PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes safety boots with steel toecaps, high-vis clothing, long sleeved shirts, appropriate gloves, safety goggles, ear protection and a safety helmet.
  • Mill and plant Audits: MAPEI has a Corporate team of trained and authorized specialists who are able to provide professional Audits to customers.
    Please reach out to your local Mapei representative to request and book a Mill Audit; a check list and specific safety procedures apply.
  • Product Safety: all Mapei Products are designed with safety in mind and are accompanied by updated Safety Data Sheets and transparent supplementary information where appropriate. MAPEI personnel interface with end users to ensure the safe and correct use of products prior to every application.