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MAPEI’s cement additives make the cement production more sustainable by reducing CO2 emissions and limiting the use of non-renewable raw materials.

MAPEI's cement additives used in the world


110,000,000 tons


124,000,000 tons

CO2 reduction

Thanks to its innovative and high-performing cement additives, MAPEI actively contributes to the global reduction in CO2. The data presented on this website is based on accurate calculations made considering MAPEI’s activities worldwide. In particular, the following parameters have been used to calculate data:

  • Average CO2 emission per ton of clinker (kg/t), based on geographical areas and specific fuel/kiln technology
  • Clinker reduction (%) per category of cement additives in use
  • Average CO2 emission per kWh of electrical power (kg/kWh), based on geographical areas and specific power generation
  • Electrical power saving (%) per category of cement additives in use
  • CO2 emissions related to the production and transport of MAPEI’s cement additives

Details are available upon request.

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