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The Roadmap to Zero Emissions

Sustainability and cement production: a topic that seems to be a contradiction in terms is now a reality thanks to new Mapei technologies.

The cement industry is facing a radical change in the scenario: on the one hand, public authorities are pushing companies to adopt an environmentally sustainable approach (CO2 reduction, circular economy, etc.) in order to comply with environmental regulations; on the other hand, customers (concrete producers, construction companies, public sector clients) are starting to make the same demands, similarly driven by the same regulatory and environmental obligations. Producing cement with excellent quality and durability at the lowest possible cost is no longer sufficient for the current scenario: the cement industry needs to become climate-neutral and remove the most clinker-rich cements from the market. In a word: become a sustainable, zero-emissions industry. It is precisely in this aspect that Mapei technologies play a fundamental role in addressing the most advanced “process chemicals” for the cement industry.

The new MCH C-C family makes the cement manufacturing more sustainable by:

Reducing clinker content in all cements, saving non-renewable quarried resources and CO2 emissions

Allowing more recycled materials to be added to cements, in line with local standards

Reducing consumption of electrical energy and CO2

Improving the performance of low clinker cement and concrete


Sustainability Brochure